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The bedside ultrasound or so called point of care ultrasound is an imaging technique that tries to enhance the quality and safety regarding patient care. Through diagnostic protocols it is possible to certify some of the clinical history Findings or get to know new aspects of the disease, thus reducing the clinical uncertainty and accelerating the diagnosis process. Nowadays ultrasaund is also an standard of care to perform certain procedures, so contributing in increasing the safety of our patients by decreasing the amount of complications.


General practitioners, specialist interested in bedside ultrasound and students doing their internship

Access requirements

Being medical doctor or medicine student

Main goals

Teach the main skills to start using bedside ultrasound

Specific goals

By the end of this classes, students will be able to:
Use different ultrasound instruments as diagnostic tool.
Comprehend ultrasound images, differentiating normal anatomy, pathological findings or technical artifacts.
Set protocols for diagnostic evaluation in diverse clinical scenarios.


Introduction to bedside ultrasound as a clinical discipline
Physics of ultrasound and instrument settings
Use of bedside ultrasound in shock reanimation
Rush protocol implementation
Use of ultrasound in the trauma patient
E fast protocol implementation
Use of beside ultrasound for pulmonary evaluation
Use of beside ultrasound for cardiac evaluation
Use of beside ultrasound for vascular evaluation

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